The Digital Aesthetic Project 2001 – 2012 was a series of three exhibitions, conferences and websites organised by the Harris Museum & Art Gallery and the Electronic and Digital Art Unit at the University of Central Lancashire.

The first, The Digital Aesthetic, took place in 2001 and was curated by James Green and Lindsay Taylor at the Harris, and Chris Meigh Andrews at UCLan.

The second, Digital Aesthetic 2, took place in 2007 and was curated by Lindsay Taylor and Richard Smith at the Harris and Chris Meigh Andrews and Aneta Krzmein at UCLan.

The third and final project, Digital Aesthetic 2012, was curated by Lindsay Taylor and Chris Meigh Andrews.

This website is an archive of all three manifestations and includes documentation, video and sound recordings, and information about artists and participants.

Each project included a multi venue exhibition – showing work by artists working in digital media – from international renowned pioneers such as Steina and Woody Vasulka, Gary Hill and Robert Cahen through to emerging regional artists such as Simon Blackmore and Pat Flynn. Showing work in the historic Harris building has at times been a challenge but through this series of exhibitions, expertise has grown. In turn this has influenced the wider Harris programming, including the collecting of digital art. The Harris now has works by Robert Cahen (DA2), Thomson and Craighead (DA2), Wood and Harrison (DA2012) and Terry Flaxton (DA2012) in our permanent collections.

The conferences have also been international in scope, with world experts such as Sean Cubitt, Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook speaking.

Partnerships have been a key element to the series – firstly between the Harris and UCLan, but also with the BBC, Preston Minster, folly, AND Festival and more. Each has also been supported by Arts Council England.