Young Harris

eye collage - young harris“In October 2012, I went to visit the Digital Aesthetic 3 exhibition at The Harris Museum and Art Gallery. The first thing you see when you walk into the main room are a few screens on the wall which show a man pulling funny faces, this is part of an art work by Takahiko Limura. I didn’t like this piece of work as I found it weird and disturbing.

The other parts of the exhibition include works by many different artists, including Peter Callas’s digital print Postscript which is a reflection on a 14th century fresco from Pisa’s Camposanto Monumentale. I quite liked this piece because it seemed a bit more realistic than the other artworks, but it was not my favourite.

I thought the whole exhibition was very dark and gloomy and seemed to put me in a dull mood.

There was part of the exhibition which was made especially for the Harris which was a video showing toy cars and vans blowing up one after another on a model car park. This was my favourite piece as I understood its meaning and I liked how it was displayed on a large screen in a darkened room.

Overall I found the exhibition very interesting but a bit dark and dull and would have preferred it to have been lighter in mood and environment. It’s definitely worth a visit though if you are into digital art.”

- Review: James Wood

James is a member of Young Harris - A youth arts group based at the Harris for under 16s. James is currently working on a Silver Arts Award.